Want to be a work at home mom?

When it comes to working from home and being a mom who works from home, the lady you are about to hear from would be one of the best work at home moms I know.

She runs two major businesses while at the same time being a mum, wife and friend.

As you may know I was travelling around Australia, New Zealand & Singapore holding interviews and training events for those people working from home.

We had an absolute blast of a time. We met some of the most amazing people, got to eat some weird but delicious food and do some pretty cool stuff.

One of the highlights was being able to train and share the stage with some pretty big high flyers in the work from home industry. People like the woman you are about to meet; Kimberley Douglas who is a legendary work at home mom.

In one of our breaks (actually it was when Simeon Cryer, another champion of the work from home industry, was speaking), Kimberley allowed me to interview her and get some of the secrets that have helped her develop a million dollar business and help others do the same.

I know you are really going to enjoy this interview as much as I enjoyed doing it.

Can I suggest one thing before you start watching this video?

Get a notepad and pen and take some notes. What Kimberley shares about being a work at home mom is going to help many people, men included…

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