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There is an art and a science in network marketing prospecting. If you watch and listen to the masters, those who seem to never run out of people to speak to and sign up, you would think they were some kind of magician, born with some kind of special gift that only a very special few people have. But in reality, whether they know it or not, they have the number 1 skill that every network marketing professional recruiter has. They have people skills and no when to speak and when to shut up. These superstars who seemingly aren’t human recruit people at will leaving everyone else to wonder what they do and how can they do the same.

The interesting thing about these so called super stars some of them don’t even realise what they do, so when you ask them their secret, they won’t be able to tell you. Others have an idea and then there are the true elite, the ones that have studied, analysed and perfected their skill. They know that it is not a gift at all they know it is a skill and it can be learned. It gives them immense power and certainty in their future. They know that through learning people skills and implementing those skills into their network marketing prospecting they can live anywhere and start building a team instantly.

The 4 letters that change everything.

I was one of those people who was pretty good at recruiting and getting people started however, I didn’t know why or how. I knew it was something I did but I just didn’t know what it was so I couldn’t really train on it. All I thought it was was that I was nice to people, that I was genuine and believed that what I had was something they needed and wanted.

It wasn’t until I went to a seminar that it all fell into place. The speaker was talking about an elite skill and started off by asking if we wanted to know the Jedi tricks that would allow us to sign up more people and never run out of prospects. Of course, we all said yes. The speaker then went on to talk about these 4 letters and all of a sudden I realised that this was the key, this was going to make network marketing prospecting so much easier and duplicatable.

Those 4 letters were an acronym F.O.R.M. and when you learn them, practice them and apply them they open more doors. Make people feel comfortable and build more relationships than you could keep up with. They are beautiful in their application and majestic in their results.

The key is finding questions you can ask around each letter or word. The key is not to make it sound like the Spanish inquisition. Be genuinely interested and care about the person. If there is something you can help them with after asking them the question, that is a bonus. Your whole plan should be to help that person and make them feel cared for.

F: Family – Ask them questions around their family. Are they married, do they have kids, how many, how old, where did they grow up…etc

O: Occupation – What do you do for a living, how long have you worked there, do you like it, what don’t you like about it. Is it what you always wanted to do?

R: Recreation – What do you do for fun, how often do you get to do it, where did you go on your last holiday, if you could go anywhere where would you go?

M: Message – Now is the time to deliver your message, your offer. You do this by asking something like “you know how you just said you don’t like your job or get to do the things you want to do as often as you would like if there was a way you could do those things more, would you want to find out how?

Again remember, people don’t join your business or buy your product, they join you and buy you first. The real science and art form behind a true professional in network marketing prospecting is to make people feel good from a genuine heart, people can always tell when you are not genuine.

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