Text Message Prospecting: Product Or Business

When you start your text message prospecting, one of the challenges you will go through, because every leader in network marketing goes through these challenges and it’s been a battle since Adam was a boy. Which do you lead with “product or business”. For me personally I have my own thoughts on this, so let’s talk about it.

What do you lead with, product or business when you are text message prospecting? It’s a great question because it’s a message out of the blue and not expected, you haven’t actually FORMed them, you don’t know what they are interested in and you’re not sure what direction to go.

Here’s what our plan is and what we do.

  1. We Write The List: We don’t worry too much about who is going on this list or what they are going to be interested in, we are just writing the list. Take everyone from their Facebook, Phone, Contacts etc and get them on paper.
  2. We Categorise The List: Now that you have the list, you spend a moment thinking about the individuals on that list and then ask yourself what would interest them the most based on the little bit of information you know of them?
  3. Invite To Look At Information: Now based on your determination of what they would be interested in, you invite them to look at the information you believe they would be interested in.
  4. Beginners Mind: Beginners mind is the place where you are always learning. Understand that not everything works with everyone and you are going to make mistakes. The idea is to learn from those mistakes and become better.

Text Message Prospecting is an art not a science, however in today’s fast paced and changing world it has made what we do so much easier. The phone isn’t as heavy and results can happen much much faster.

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