Text Message Prospecting – What to do first!

Text Message Prospecting can be the game changer for you and your team. It does everything you could ever want and it does it fast, especially when you instigate a program with a lot of energy. Energy and focus is the key for everything. The more energy, the more focus and the more excitement you can generate around what you are doing, the better your results will be.

Plan…I know that may sound strange, but you need a plan. As the saying goes”people don’t plan to fail, people fail to plan” and it makes all the difference.

The kind of text message prospecting plan I would recommend looks like this:

  1. Understand the outcome you are looking for from each text message because each text has a specific purpose.
  2. Understand the process, you are taking your prospect on a journey. You are kind of like a tour guide and the better you are at being that tour guide, the bigger the rewards. Have you ever been on a tour and you could tell the guide put a lot of effort into not only knowing the information but making you “feel” good. Always remember that word “Feel” and ask yourself the question “how am I making this person feel at the moment?”
  3.  What will be the stops and detours along the way? Remember as with every good tour, you have stops along the way and sometimes people want to stay longer at different stops. They are not ready to leave immediately and require a little extra time. Will you be using Facebook groups, Conference Calls, Marketing Material, In home meetings, events etc etc etc. You need to know what you will be using and then know when you will be using them. Also what presentation will you be using, where will you send them to get information.
  4. Are there any special opening and closing scripts, questions and presentations you need to use? Our team are very big on this. Everything has a flow. We love giving people the concept of what to follow just like we are giving you here but also giving them “must do’s” as well. Things that work so well that they MUST be done.

Always remember that the better you understand something, the better the result will be, however this does not mean you wait until you know something before you use it, if you build your business like that, you will never get anywhere. The best thing for you to do is learn on your feet. Throw yourself in the deep end and just start swimming.

Come back to this course at any time and if you have a question, make sure you ask it in the Facebook Group we have setup for all of you.

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