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As I said in yesterday’s article Text Message Prospecting Part 1 – Have a plan this kind of marketing has totally transformed the network marketing arena. It has removed many fears that people have when it comes to picking up the phone. It doesn’t seem that heavy anymore as more and more networkers become truly professional in the way they build their businesses.

Today we will dive into understanding the script and why it is the way it is. Of course, you don’t need to use our exact script, just take the concept and make it yours. Always remember as Eric Worre says “Techniques change, concepts remain”.

The reason we like concepts over techniques because you will have different situations that will make you think on your feet or will require something a little different to a standard script. Always remember that one script does not do all. We all have our “go toos” the ones we feel good and comfortable with. I hope that you will find those kind of scripts as well, the ones that you become so good at using that they flow off your tongue and give you incredible result. This only happens though with practice.

The initial text message prospecting script:

Why does the initial text message prospecting script only have a few words? Well first, you are texting, and no one sends a long drawn out message, that’s why we use text. The idea of keeping the initial text short is to actually get them to respond. If your initial message has too much information in it, more than likely they will ignore the text or it gives them an excuse to say “Oh I didn’t see it”. So keep your initial message short, in fact keep all of your messages short.

  • “Coffee?”
  • “Are you free for a coffee on …?”
  • “Breakfast on …?”
  • “Are you around?”
  • “You there?”

When they respond positively:

  • Great I have an idea I want to run by you
  • Great I want your advice on an idea I have
  • Great I have a project I am working on that I want your feedback on
  • Great, I a friend of mine and I are working on a project and we want your thoughts
  • Can you be in front of your computer on (night) (great way to invite them to a webinar).

If they respond negatively by saying: that’s not network marketing, etc etc

  • Just back off and say, “Hey I just want to catch up and have a coffee with you, is that ok?” (and during the conversation with them, when you are having the coffee, ask them “When I asked you for a coffee, you came back and said …. why did you say that, are we ok?” The reason you ask them this, is you want the opportunity to explain the business to them, because they were the ones who brought it up initially. If they are still negative, then just back away and be their friend…


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