Text Message Prospecting And Getting Your Team Involved.

You want to be a network marketing professional right? I know you do and you already know that when you do things that are only good for you and a small group of others that you are not truly building your team. This is the beauty of Text Message Prospecting, it is something that you and your team can do together and when you do, everything changes!

text message prospectingThere is nothing like a group of like minded individuals moving forward together, having fun and achieving goals. Everyone understanding the reasons why you are building this business and why you are working so hard. The average individual doesn’t understand why you give up your nights, weekends and hobbies (for a time). They think your crazy, why, well because they have lost their dream, but you haven’t. You have allowed yours to grow and develop and it will drive you to success.

The text message prospecting strategy develops a team and everyone celebrates and commiserates (yes I did say commiserate because there will definitely be ups and downs, but you know that already because you’re the professional and you take that in your stride.)

Let me give you a couple of ideas we do with our team when it comes to the Text message Prospecting Strategy:

  1. Weekly Team Prospecting Webinar.

    Now for some of you, this may not be new, but it was for us when we first introduced it. What we do is once per week we hold a webinar that everyone comes onto, they bring their lists, we give a short encouragement and a little training on what they are about to do, and then as a team, we all start texting our lists. We have tried two types of texts. One is to ask if we can send them to a webinar and the other was to send them information. Both of these strategies work but it definitely depends on your audience and market. eg: Are they someone who has responded to an ad or seen information in the past or are they completely cold?

  2. Team Get together.

    Personally I do not believe there is anything more powerful than a group of team members getting together using the text message strategy. We have seen more appointments set using this method than any other. Remember to use the messages in the Text Message Strategy eBook. They work.
    The reason this method works is because everyone is together and everyone can help celebrate, overcome objections and get results. Again, it is another perfect example of what it is like when a team works together.

We are going to be continuing with both of these strategies because from my 17 years of experience, this has become the easiest way to help a new team member get started, work through their fears and create results.

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