Follow these 7 keys to in having a successful network marketing system.

Have you ever been part of a network marketing system that continues to be changed?

Sure things need to be enhanced along the way, but changing a network marketing system for the sake of change is one of the worst things a leader can do.

Too many times a leader will put hundreds if not thousands of hours into developing their team system. They release it, their team grows and then the whining starts.

All the people who have never had a successful day in network marketing in their lives start to tell you the leader that what you have does not work. Even though you are earning a multiple six figure income.

The worst thing you could do is listen to them…

You already have the runs on the board, and as long as you have not added anything into your system that you have not tried tested and proven yourself to work, then you have nothing to worry about.

It is when leaders add things to their network marketing system that does not work or that they have not tested that things go wrong.

It becomes the downfall of the leader and their system because their team loses faith in the leader.

However if you stick to the truth of what works and keep your system pure, then and only then will you have the right to stand tall and stand strong.

It is impossible to thing that you will make everyone happy, this industry is full of so many different personality types and even worse egos. Your job is not to make people happy, it is to give them something that works and is proven to work, by you and the people you mentor.

So with your network marketing system, once you have it in place, Follow these simple points:

    1. Don’t Allow Your Network Marketing System To Be Pushed Around.
    2. Only make major enhancements twice per year.
    3. If you get feedback from your leaders (and only your leaders) tell them when it will be actioned if what they are saying has merit.
    4. Don’t listen to people who just come on board. You will go crazy always trying to make people happy.
    5. NEVER and I mean NEVER put anything in your network marketing system that you are not doing yourself and that is not tried tested and proven…
    6. Market your system to your team with testimonies all the time.
    7. Be positive and be powerful.

God Bless

James Hannan


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