Finish 2010 off right to set up 2011 and make it the best year of your life so far.

Christmas is my favourite time of the year. A time to relax, enjoy family, eat food and just thank God for what He has given.

But it can also be a time when you prepared for the greatest breakthrough yout life has ever seen.

I want to talk to you about what you NEED to do right now, to make sure you finish 2010 off correctly, so that 2011 starts with true momentum and you capitalise on your business opportunity.

Follow these 7 Steps and see major change in your business:

1. Understand that this is not the end, it is actually the beginning of something big. You see, if you do what I am telling you to do in this article you will finish 2010 off with huge momentum. It will take you through to 2011 and beyond.

2. Get into Massive Action Mode…or M.A.M. for short (do you like that, watch the video to understand more!)

3. Throw off the perception you have that no one will want to talk to you about your product/service or business. Remember, Christmas is only one day. The people you are going to be speaking to, the ones that actually have a true desire to make something happen and change their life, do not stop thinking about it. They are always thinking about what they want. You just need to be the person that gets in their ear first and helps them see that they can have their dreams met, in your business or with your product. If you don’t do this, they will find someone else who can.

4. Use professional marketing material and use a lot of it NOW… Depending on what system or product you are promoting make sure you are getting your message out to the masses now. If you are handing out CD’s then start handing them out.

I have always been a believer that if you want to look like a professional, then use professional looking material. In our team, one of the tools we use is a CD, something that has been professionally put together including artwork. Why CD’s? simple. Everyone has a CD player and they can listen to it on the way to and from work. It is short and gets the information across in a powerful way.

5. Set a target. How many people are you going to speak to each and every day you are working your business? It is only for a short period of time and if you take each day in your stride, you won’t be overwhelmed. (more on this in the video)

6. Get your team involved. Give your team direction. Ask them how they want to finish 2010 off. Do they want to extend themselves so that 2011 is started in the right way. Remind them that the momentum they create now will carry forward into 2011 and it will make their goals easier to achieve.

7. Believe in yourself not in your doubts. There has to come a time when you throw off the fears and chase your dreams. This is when you take a deep beath and say “I am going to make a difference. NOW!”

2011 can be the year everything changes for you. For this to happen for you, don’t waste time and find excuses. You and your dreams are more valuable than that.

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God Bless

James Hannan


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    2 replies to "7 Keys To Finishing The Year…"

    • Honor

      Hi James,

      How are you. I wont rest when I get home because my business is too important to me right now. I’m going to succeed and I already have my bags packed with all the marketing material so Im armed as soon as I get back to NZ. I want to go out with a bang and get my business up and running. Thank you for all your advice and support it has made the world of difference. Its head down, bum up for me because my family and I deserve a prosperous future.

      God Bless James to you and your family

      Honor Turner

    • James

      Hi Honor
      you have everything it takes to succeed and I know you can do it.
      Follow the system we have and you will WIN and win BIG!

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