Can you build two network marketing businesses at once

This is a great question and I know one that comes up all the time, can I build two network marketing businesses at once.

The reason I love this question is because it shows that the person is generally very excited about moving forward and they want to get active and we all know that it is these types of people that build the business, they just need direction.

The first thing I want to ask you is are you teachable?

I know this may sound like an interesting question, however it is important. You see if you are not willing to be teachable, no matter what I say you won’t like because you will know better. I know I can be harsh however it is my intent to help you develop a large business.

First when we look at the question can you build two network marketing businesses at once, we need to understand a few things:

Focus, Double Mindedness and Confusion.

I cover in the video below important info on all of this and I believe it should start an interesting conversation which I am very happy to have.

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