The Truth About Building A Home Based Business.

I have often herd it said that is takes a “special type of person” to build a home based business. And then the next line to come out of their mouth is “you need to be a specific personality type to succeed, and I am just not that personality…”

I have good news for you, This is NOT true!.

You don’t need to be any special type of person to succeed in building your home based business or any special type of personality, there is only one thing you need and everything else that is required will fall into your lap.

What is the one thing you need to succeed in home based business?


What is intent?

It is your determination to make something happen, you willingness to see real change or accomplish something.

Intent is the thing that will not let you quit your home based business, even when you really want to. Many people get started searching for a business they can run from home, a business that will give them freedom, the type of freedom they dream about.

These same people may even get started in their business and decide that it is all too hard, even after only a couple of days or a couple of months.

Of course success takes time. In our business and system for training our people, we help people understand that they have to go through an apprenticeship and everyone, when they first get started is at a different place in their apprenticeship due to the experiences and training they have already received.

o if you are prepared to stay focused on your dreams and let those dreams fuel you to accomplish your goals, you will have success in your home based business.

However, if you are not prepared to stay committed to your your dreams, then you will fail. Because it is your dreams that fuel your intent and your intent that fuels your desire to be the best you can be and have the success you really want.

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