Imagine being able to find a place where “hundreds of millions” of people hang out. As a marketer you want to be where the people are and the better you present yourself the bigger your results will be.

Many people are jumping on the Social Media band wagon. Trying everything and anything to build their businesses. Unfortunately 99% of these people are only interested in one thing. MONEY!!!
Now you maybe thinking what’s the matter with that? I’m interested in money as well!

Don’t get me wrong, I am in business to make money but I am also in business to build relationships and impact lives.

What I am seeing with most people is they are entering the social networking arena like a street fighter going into his first real professional fight. He seems to face up OK but when the pressure gets applied, he stumbles and his arms start flailing all over the place. You know what happens, he gets knocked out in the first round never to be seen again. Dissillusioned and beaten he goes home never to fight again.

Now lets compare him to the season well trained boxing professional. He is fit, light on his feet and knows exactly what he needs to do. He doesn’t go into the right fists flying everywhere. He waits until the right time to let loose. He waits for the opening and sometimes it only takes one punch and his opponent is laid out flat on his back. It may not have even been the hardest punch but his “TIMING” was perfect.
This is exactly the same with facebook and ANY type of relationship marketing. You don’t jump into the ring hoping that you will get a lucky strike. YOU get in and get to know the person you are speaking to.

Now I know some of you maybe thinking that using a boxer may not be the best analogy but I like it…

It does not matter if you are building your business offline or online. What does matter is the relationships you are building and how you are being perceived in the areas you are. Are you seen as a person that is professional and is interested in others or are you seen as the person who is just trying to make their first sale no matter what the cost?

Network Marketing has always been about relationships and it always will be. Let’s face it, successful BUSINESS has always been about relationships, this is why major companies spend millions of dollars per year to find out what it is their clients want.

Facebook, Twitter & Youtube etc are all the same. Give the people what they want and you will do exceptionally well. If you only give them what YOU want you will be like the amateur boxer who gets knocked down in the first round…ouch!

So let me give you some key points to working online using FACEBOOK:

Step 1. Be professional and relationnal. Go in the with the right mind set.  Don’t go in to immediately sell your products or services. Get to know your friends and build relationships. Develop trust by adding things about yourself and what you are doing.

Step 2. Be A Real Person: Have some interesting photos that show you as a REAL PERSON and that you are here to be real. Show that you can have fun and that you like to show it. Also show your successes if you have some.

Step 3. Contact Details: Some of your will go “dah” on this one but many people miss the boat here. Make sure you have your website up. It can just be a “squeeze page” but have something that allows you to direct people into your funnel. Also have your phone number in case people want to contact you. I have people in my team that have gotten new people started from those people “phoning them”. Imagine having people phoning you from facebook asking to be a client or business partner.

Step 4. Adding Friends- Don’t do what every else is doing. You want to find people that are hiding away but are wanting to build a business or are look for your product. Look for people and groups that would have the types of people that you are targeting. eg: if you have a weight loss product who do you think would be on facebook that would have a weight loss following? Find them and then start adding their friends.

Think outside the box. Look for authors of books and training material etc

Add 30 people a day; so you will not get in trouble with the Facebook Police.

Step 5- Groups- Look for the groups that you can have influence in. Groups that have a similar interest or may have like minded fans. Post links on their walls and promote your ” funded proposal product”

If the group allows videos and links, add those to the group as well.

Step 6- Start Your Own Group- Why do you do this? Well it shows that you maybe a person of value. I say maybe because it won’t be determined that are until you have plenty of content going out that is valuable.

If you start your own group, make sure you continually promote, promote, promote… until you start a wildfire of people coming into it.
Obviously your group won’t grow if you don’t offer something of value.

Step 7- Your Friends Wall – As I said before. BE REAL…don’t be that pushy desperate sales person. Be the person who is relational. have a welcome message and photo etc inviting them to become friends with you.

Remember “Friends First”

Step 8- Broadcasting Messages- When you have set up your own group like I have with Dual Networking. ONLY send a message to those people. Don’t spam people. If you do this people will leave you faster than rats leaving a sinking ship.

When you do contact the group make sure you are sending out valuable information. Information that will be interesting to them. Post your articles etc on facebook and invite them to come to your website to find more info….

We will have more specific training for you shortly.

Be successful

James Hannan


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