What do you think I should have done, Fight or Run?

On Sunday I was coming back from the shops, turned a corner and this guy decided to come up on the inside (where there was no lane) and over took me.

Now in my mind it was very dangerous as I almost swerved into on coming traffic to get out of the way.

I did what every red blooded male does, and honked my horn. And that’s when it all started and I was about to get a good lesson…

He stopped his car in the middle of the road which caused not only myself but a whole line of cars behind me to stop, he got out of his car and decided he wanted to pay me a visit.

Before we go any further what would have been your reaction at this time, wind up the windows or get out and meet him?

Well I decided I would get out and meet him, obviously he just wanted to have a friendly chat :). (actually I didn’t want to be trapped in the car, but thinking back it would have been the best thing to do).

He came at me swearing and cursing and throwing all kinds of abuse. I am not good at all that stuff so I just said he didn’t know the road rules and told him he couldn’t drive. (probably another mistake).

Now to give you an idea of what this would have looked like. Picture a main road, cars lined up not going anywhere behind you and two grown men standing in the middle of the road having a chat. Pretty silly huh. I am also 90 kilos (198 lbs), 186 cms tall (6 ‘2″) and know a little about defending myself. He on the other hand was the unknown…Although smaller than me, I didn’t know what he could do, if he had a weapon or if he would stalk me.

Again a pretty stupid situation to be in.

I know a few of you are wondering what happened? Well he realised he was being an idiot and didn’t know how to drive, got back into his car and drove off. Well maybe he didn’t realise he couldn’t drive and he was an idiot but he did get back into his car and drive off, thank God.

As I drove home and the adrenaline started to subside a little, I started to think and analyse the situation. This is what I want you to understand for your business…

I asked myself, “What worked, What didn’t, What next?”

  1. What worked: I didn’t swear, I didn’t throw the first punch, I didn’t have an angry look on my face (I didn’t believe it or not), I showed him I was not scared of him, I didn’t get hurt and I am alive.
  2. What didn’t work: I got myself into the situation by honking my horn (if I had of had some patience and not allowed it to bother me it would never have happened), I was not thinking during the exchange of words I should have been thinking about what I was going to do (how many of us do this in our businesses, we don’t think during our prospecting and presentations), I didn’t know if he had a weapon or was some kind of ninja bloke. So there was plenty that did not work.
  3. What next: I am going to show more patience and not allow those situations to control me. I want to be a good husband and father and what would have happened if my wife or kids were in the car. I will show more restraint.

I know this may sound quite serious as it was a serious situation, however I can learn from it. Just like we should be learning from everything we do.

Take the “What worked, What didn’t and What next” and use it in your business.

What would you have done in that situation? To me it was a situation I did not have to be in. What about you…Your opinion counts so let me hear it below:

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