Have you ever wondered – how to make money fast in network marketing?

Well if you have been around me for any length of time you would already realise that I believe there are two ways to build your business. The fast way and the slow way. This is the first article in a series designed to give you a road to run on and a proven system of success and show you how to make money fast in network marketing. The information I will give you is not from a trainer who has never had success in the network marketing industry or from one who is retired but looking for a way to make some extra cash on the side. This information on how to make money fast in network marketing is from someone who is in the trenches with you. I am out there building a business right now with tens of thousands of people in my organisation around the world.

I will give you the things that are working for me and show you the things to avoid. Today I hope I answer the question how to make money fast in network marketing.

In this series you will learn:

  1. The foundation that you must lay to understand how to make money fast in network marketing.
  2. Things to avoid like the plague.
  3. Why combining Offline and Online Strategies is THE KEY to future success.
  4. Why Offline Strategies you should be doing RIGHT NOW to be generating an immediate income.
  5. The Power of using Online Technologies to massively enhance your results.
  6. How to bring them both together.
  7. What the danger is of only doing utilising one strategy eg: offline or online.

So lets look at the foundation that needs to be laid when building your network marketing business and how to make money fast in network marketing.

For decades now it has been taught that there is only one way to build your business: Go out there talk to everyone you know and try to get them started in your business. This has worked and continues to work. however it is NOT the only way to build your business much to many network marketing leaders disappointment.

We then moved into an era that allowed you to advertise for people wanting to work from home. This took away the pressure of having to prospect everyone you knew and hopefully they would get started with you. Some people did and do this themselves while others used the expertise of advertising companies to find the people for them. Both ways work, whether you decide to become an advertising and marketing expert or you decide to contract out your weaknesses, both are a good option. For the person that decides they want to learn it all themselves, can I let you know now, that you will be in for a long road ahead. Be prepared to invest money, maybe a lot and a lot of time as well. Manager your expectations and manage the outcomes. It may take you a bit more time to get started, but in the long run, you will have a skill that no one can take away from you and you will have learnt how to make money fast in network marketing once you have the skills.

For those who want to contract out their weaknesses and purchase your leads, WELL DONE. That is another great way to go. Just remember, that not everyone joins and you MUST be well-trained and have the right scripts to use. Everything I learnt about dealing with leads over the phone I learnt from Dani Johnson, she has some great scripts and training, I highly recommend them. However I also recommend that you “talk to me first” on how to use those scripts effectively. Dani is an incredible trainer, however sometimes I have found that people think they need to be her when they are talking to leads, this is not the case. So if you are going to use leads, please just press the “contact me” button at the top of the page and I will help you with some guidance. This will definitely help you in learning how to make money fast in network marketing.

Then we moved to “smart technology” things like “voice blasts” that allow you to send a message to thousands of people’s mobile phones and asking them to call you back if they are serious about working from home. And guess what this worked and continues to work.

What about Network Marketing Text Messaging, well all I can say on this is that it has become my all time favourite way to market and get things moving fast. This allows us to help a brand new person within the team get up and running and have people to speak to with-in 24 hours. It is fast and efficient. If you have not grabbed my e-book yet on how to do this, make sure you do that now, you can do that on the side, just leave your details.

Now we enter a time where the internet is fast becoming the medium of choice for people wanting to make money fast in network marketing, they enter into this medium thinking that all they have to do is set up a website and people will start joining their opportunity. They spam their friends and post all over Facebook with links expecting everyone else to be as excited about the product, service or opportunity as they are. Not realising that they are pushing everyone away and their business is going to die the death of a thousand cuts before it even starts. This is not the way to make money fast in network marketing. You want to receive professional training on this. We will be releasing some training in the future on this subject, so make sure you subscribe to our free course and grab the text messaging strategy and we will let you know when it is available.

So what do these things mean to you and how do you capitalise on them so you answer the question how to make money fast in network marketing?

Firstly they show you that there are many ways that you can start to build and grow your network marketing business and when you have options you have the freedom to choose what path you want to walk down.

Over the months ahead I will take you through each of these areas and give you real life stories on how they worked for our team and what we did.

So what foundation do you have to lay?

To help you in knowing what you need to do to make money fast in network marketing and what direction you should take, answer these questions:

  1. Do I have any money I can spend on advertising?
  2. What skills do I have: Am I good with people? Am I better over the phone or in person?
  3. Am I teachable?
  4. How quickly can I pick things up?
  5. Do I have any technological experience?
  6. What is my upline teaching me?
  7. How much time am I prepared to give it?

My personal suggestion on how to make money fast in network marketing would be to use our text message marketing system. It works and anyone can do it. It removes so many objections and opens more doors than I have ever seen opened before. It makes what we do so much easier.

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Network Marketing Training Today head dude ~ James Hannan

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