The Power Of Having A Dream And How That Will Help Create Your Future As A Work At Home Dad…

Recently I was in Auckland, New Zealand holding  a full day training program as part of a 3 country tour. We had already travelled throughout Australia and Singapore and this was the last city on the program.

I had the privilege to be on the road with people like Kimberley Douglas and Simeon Cryer (an amazing work at home dad). Both of these people have a wealth of knowledge because they have built and run their own multi million dollar businesses. I wanted to share with you some of their powerful insights into who they are and how they achieved their success.

We taught close to a thousand people on the principles of how they can work from home and receive the type of success most people only dream of. Simeon spoke on being a work at home dad and Kimberley about being a work at home mom.

So in the middle of the final day I grabbed Simeon and asked if he could share some knowledge that would benefit those people who are wanting to be a work at home dad.

Simeon and I both have a passion to help men see that they can be a work at home dad and give to their families all that they deserve.

This interview is targeted directly to men, however I know the information Simeon brings is valuable to everyone.

In this video Simeon and I cover 3 of the most important topics any work at home dad needs to know.

You don’t want to miss these points. Number 2 is very powerful…

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Network Marketing Training Today head dude ~ James Hannan

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