Intermittent activity will destroy your business and your dreams…

First let me explain what I mean.

Intermittent means: Adjective: Occurring at irregular intervals; not steady:

If there is one thing you need for your business, that would be consistency.

Now the consistency I am talking about is the consistency of working on and in your business every single day.

Success in MLM comes from doing the things that generate income all the time, without huge time frames in between.

Many people ask the question “why does that person make money and their MLM business grow, but I don’t?”

I bet that if I looked at their work habits and the time they have spent building and developing their skills, I would find a very big difference between the successful MLM entrepreneur and the one failing.

Set yourself things that you need to do daily. Have a bullet point list that gets you working and moving forward.

My list looks like:

  1. Pray, Relax and think about the day. (I am  a christian and find this prepares me for the day)
  2. Write a post.
  3. Put something on Facebook & Twitter
  4. Do a youtube video.
  5. Check my emails.
  6. Call leads
  7. Plan with my leaders and put those strategies into action.

Some of you maybe thinking: “I still have a full time job and a family to run, what do I do?”

Well you have to find the time, there is no shortcuts. I have plenty of amazing men and woman who did what we did, and that was to allocate the time we were wasting watching TV or doing other activities
and did what we needed to build our business.

You will need to do the same.

So look at what is in your daily activities and remove the things that are non profitable and a waste of time.

You may need to get up early (like I did) to write your posts and do all of your admin stuff, then spend your evenings doing the things that generate you an income.

Make sure you share if you have things that you do to help you get out of the “Inactivity World” and move into “activity”.
Leave a comment below with your thoughts and feedback, it is always fun meeting new people!

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