Mannatech has to be the most amazing company around…

mannatechMannatech, just like other network marketing companies, runs incentives. We have been blessed to travel all over the world with them. Our children have had the privilege of going on “Once In A Lifetime Holidays” nearly every year of their lives and sometimes, a couple of times per year. All thanks to Mannatech.

This week we received our itinerary for the next 5 star holiday to Bali, all expenses paid by Mannatech. To say we as a family are excited would be an understatement, we have always believed Mannatech is a generous company but they just keep out doing themselves.

To our surprise we just received an email saying… “To help with your travel expenses getting to bali (they are already paying for EVERYTHING including air fare), we want to also give you some spending money as a surprise…We hope you don’t mind”.

Now, I just have to say that I love this company Mannatech and the heart of the management and executives.

Why would anyone want to leave.

Stay tuned and when I get back, I will show you the photos from our visit…woohoo.









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