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Network Marketing On Facebook starts with this one simple thing. It is one of the most overlooked components of an individuals strategy when it comes to Network Marketing on Facebook. What should your facebook profile look like and what should you have in your “about me” section. Everyone pretty much says the same thing when it comes to your facebook profile photo/image. You have to remember that your facebook profile is your first representation of yourself and first impressions matter, so how do you want to be perceived?

Remember what we said in our previous article about “Positioning”  and Starting with the end in mind. Your facebook profile image should match the way you are positioning yourself. If as a professional in business who can show others how to be successful in home business, then make sure your profile image is professional and even a lifestyle shot that shows the lifestyle a person could if they partnered with you. If it is health and wellness, then have a healthy well shot of you lol.

Every Facebook Marketer will tell you to make sure that your facebook profile has a photo of you and one that has you smiling.

One of the biggest mistakes people make is that they think they can throw any old photo up and it will be ok. I have even heard people say “well that is who I am, if they don’t like it, tough”. Let me tell you that when you are building a business or anything that you want to last, you have to always be putting your best food forward. Marketing On Facebook or any social media is exactly the same and it is a little naive to think that you don’t need to impress people.

The best way to look at this is to think how do you respond to different images people put up of themselves in their facebook profile area? If someone has a photo of their dog or cat rather than a photo of themselves, what is your reaction, does it make you want to be their friend and trust them or would you prefer to see their face? Of course most people would prefer to see their face.

Network Marketing On Facebook requires you to be the best of you, so allow people to see that. As you start to put your best foot forward and build your profile on facebook, you learn how easy it is to be positive and smile.

Here are three do’s and don’ts of your facebook profile photo when it comes to building your network marketing business on facebook:

3 Network Marketing On Facebook – Do’s For Your Facebook Profile Picture:

  • Have a photo of you
  • Be smiling
  • Make it recent photo

3 Network Marketing On Facebook – Don’ts For Your Facebook Profile Picture:

  • Be rude, vulgar or have alcohol in your images
  • Have photos of other people, animals or anything else
  • Use your products or company images

Next what do you do as a Network Marketer on facebook when it comes to your “About section”?

Many people want to put everything in this area about their company and the companies products etc. Remember that while yes you are promoting their products, you are promoting yourself more. You are the product, not the company, the network marketing company you represent is the vehicle. People are partnering with you, not the company at the start.

There is a little bit of conjecture about what should be put in your about section, but most facebook marketers will agree that you should make it “light”, remember that facebook and any other social media website is a “social gathering” and people want to read about you and enjoy what they read. So do your best to make your facebook about me section full of life and an enjoyable read. You may need to write it out a few times and the get others to read it but it will be worth it.

Most people will actually read that information about you, so you want to spend the time to get it right. Being a successful network marketer on facebook means that you DONT hype or sell. Saying things like “the BEST products” “Best comp plan” “best company” etc etc will actually push people away, you are better writing your about section more at a relational level. Talk about the benefits of what you offer while at the same time, make it enjoyable as I said.

The other thing we suggest you do is to “test” things, see what gives you the best feedback. There is nothing wrong with changing your facebook about me section.

The next thing Network Marketer on facebook ask is “What website do I put there…?”

Network Marketers on facebook get this wrong all the time… DO NOT put your company website!

If you have a personal blog, then put it there, or if you have a  lead generation website, then use that. A Lead generation website is a site that is generally one page and has an area that people can leave their name, email and sometimes phone number to receive information that you are giving away for free. Some Network Marketers suggest to even leave this blank, I can see why they say that, you don’t want to give too much info away, your whole goal on facebook is to start conversations, so if you have a well written about section, a nice profile photo and the information you are putting up on a regular basis is encouraging, then chatting with people on facebook will be a lot easier.

Did this help you, I sure hope so, leave a comment below and let me read your thoughts on what you liked or didn’t like…

May God bless you abundantly, remember He is the ONLY answer, allow Him to work in you and through you to build your work from home business!

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    • Andrew Rienecker

      Thanks for this great article James. I love the part about having a blog as the website on your FB page. I also like how you talk about people joining you at first so making it about relationships is the key more so than about your company at least initially. Great stuff as usual, thanks heaps Andrew

    • James

      your welcome Andrew 🙂

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