Network Marketing Training And Your Deception

Yes you read that headline correct, most people involved in network marketing are deceiving themselves, they think they are training but all they are doing is wasting their time and money.

Let me explain.

We all know that to be successful in this industry you need network marketing training. Training that is specific to this industry and in most cases specific to your business. But this is where it all falls down and the “self deception” starts.

Network Marketers may go to all the events, buy all the resources and even put some of what they learn into place, however there is one fundamental floor to what they are doing. They start deceiving themselves into thinking that just because I have done all these things that I will be successful and when things don’t work, they blame others or the system for their failure. I have even heard some people blame God… (now that is a real pet peeve of mine, He wants you to succeed, not fail).

So what is the one thing that most networkers are not doing with their training?


These two points are more powerful than you could imagine.

My martial arts coach teaches that “Practice does not make perfect, practice makes permanent”, so if you are not analysing what you are practicing, how do you know whether you are doing it correctly or not.

Here are a 6 of my recommendations for you.

  • Practice on as many people as you can.
  • Practice in front of the mirror.
  • Record yourself (audio and video – you want to see your facial expressions and listen to your tone)
  • Ask the people you practice on for their feedback (only if you trust and know them, don’t do this with someone you don’t know, my recommendation is to do this with your upline)
  • Study yourself and ask “what can I do better?”
  • Then put into practice again what you have just learned and start the analysing again.









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