A Change of Direction

OK it is time to give you a little info about what has been happening in my world.

Over the last few years we have had amazing success. God has truly blessed us. I look at our family, our business and the friends we are surrounded with and I know it is not me but Him who has done it.

You see one of the things I have noticed is that God loves people. He loves them even before they make a decision to follow Him.

Why does He love them?
Because He created them. And it is because of this love that He has for them that I am making a decision to change my direction just a little.

I want to start to speak directly into the christian business and network marketing training arena.

My posts will start to contain a lot of scripture and be designed to encourage no matter who reads it, however there will be no doubt about my belief lol.

I believe personally we are moving into a real time of challenge and opportunity.

Challenge for those people who are not ready for change and opportunity for those people that are.

To facilitate this change and to be prepared myself, I will be focusing on my passion and allowing anyone who wants to come on that journey to come on it with me.

So why don’t you do something now, it does not matter if you are a christian or not, leave your details in the optin box and receive my video ecourse for free and allow us both to learn and create together.

The future is good, but only for those that are prepared, and I take it seriously that it is my job to help you be prepared.

But of course, I lead you to water, however I can not make you drink.














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