network marketing trainingProspecting 101, It’s all about time…Network Marketing Training Step 2

In our previous post on Prospecting In Network Marketing we spoke about the importance of setting yourself “Realistic Expectations”.

Today we get to go even deeper and talk about TIME…

Now I am not going to give too much away accept to say that getting the time component right in your prospecting efforts is critical.

This one step has been the thing that took my prospecting skills through the roof because if gave me control.

So let me ask you something…do you want to be in control when you are prospecting?

Of course you do. Remember it is the one asking the questions that is in control and this one step will remove the whole questions problem because, your prospect won’t be able to ask any…

Would you like to know what I mean?

Great…just watch this next Network Marketing Training video on prospecting and I will take you through how to use “Time” as your friend instead of if becoming your enemy.









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