What Should I Post On Facebook As A Network Marketer?

“What Should I Post On Facebook” has to be one of the most popular questions we receive in our network marketing training that we do for our team. Most of the people we help get started have never had any experience in building a network marketing business or home based business and the little they have done on facebook has been adding a few images and making a few comments. So part of our Facebook Marketing Training is to help these everyday mums (moms for our USA friends), dads, students, young people etc is to make sure they understand the impact of what they post to facebook, not only on their network marketing business, but also on the perception that their friends and contacts have about them.

When we get asked what should I post on facebook (or it would be more real for me to say when we “tell” people what they should post on facebook) we take a quick look through what they have already been posting. We want to see what kind of individual they are. Now think about this for a moment. If we as the upline and coaches are checking out what our team is posting on facebook to get an idea about who they are, don’t you think your prospects are doing the same thing? Of course they are.

One of the first things that your prospects will do is look at your timeline, your images and your about me section on facebook to see who you are and what you are all about. If the stuff that you have been putting up is negative, do you think that will be attractive to your prospects or will it be the opposite? I have seen many home business owners make this mistake, they complain about everything, from their partner to their children, government, school etc they use foul language and rude gestures. The images they put up are repulsive or border line pornographic. None of this is going to work for your business.

Be careful to leave alcohol and cigarettes out as well, both of these will have an effect on people’s perception of you. You maybe thinking by now that “I have just taken away everything that you used to put up on facebook and what is left, this seems too hard.” To that thought I want to ask you a question, what do you want out of life? Are you happy where you are or do you want more? If you want more are you prepared to change, because if you don’t, having more will be a very difficult process in deed.

So here are my 5 points on what you should post on facebook:

  1. Images that bring life and are inspirational.
  2. Posts/Text that are fun.
  3. Be encouraging.
  4. Videos that inspire or make people laugh.
  5. When you comment, try to put yourself in the other persons shoes and ask yourself, “How would they want me to respond to this post?”

Check out my video on What I Should Post On Facebook below:

Did this help you, I sure hope so, leave a comment below and let me read your thoughts on what you liked or didn’t like…

May God bless you abundantly, remember He is the ONLY answer, allow Him to work in you and through you to build your work from home business!

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