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Have you ever heard of the Facebook Tribe? If you have been around online marketing for a while, I am sure you have, if you are new, then the facebook tribe is probably something that is very foreign to you, so you are going to want to have your notepad and pen close at hand and be ready to learn some pretty cool stuff about facebook marketing and building your network marketing business online. When I say building your network marketing business online, I should clarify that using online strategies is just part of what you do to build your network marketing business, we call it “another line in the pond” and creating a “facebook tribe” is a critical component of getting your content seen online and creating the excitement that what you are doing is worth being a part of.

I have found that the information I am about to give you surrounding a facebook tribe is a little controversial, however it works and if done correctly will generate results fast and create a hive of activity for you and your business.

Allow me to give you the reason behind having a facebook tribe.

  • It creates excitement quickly within your team because everyone is working together and creating life
  • It creates interest within your prospecting community (it also creates interest within your company, some good and some well lets just say “interesting” because a lot of the time they don’t understand what you are doing)
  • That interest then creates sales and volume
  • It creates momentum

When you start your facebook tribe, please beware that many old timers who do not understand marketing or online strategies may start to speak negative about you and your team. Don’t worry about them, no one ever did anything great without ruffling a few feathers, your results will speak louder than words, just keep your head down and bum up and get to work. Ignore what others are saying and stay focuses. As your positive results start coming in, that will silence most people.

How do you start your facebook tribe?

  • Talk to your team
  • Cast a vision of what it is going to do
  • Have a small committed group of individuals who will support the vision.
  • Reciprocate with each other, remember that you want to working together to get this done.
  • If your upline in open, tell them what you are doing so that they can support you.

The best thing to do is watch this video I did up for you on developing a facebook tribe, the key is to make sure you stay consistent and continue to apply this method. Don’t give up. Too many network marketers give up too soon.

Did this help you, I sure hope so, leave a comment below and let me read your thoughts on what you liked or didn’t like…

May God bless you abundantly, remember He is the ONLY answer, allow Him to work in you and through you to build your work from home business!

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