Network Marketing Tip – Do You Need To Change?

I wanted to give you a network marketing tip that I have learnt over the years. It is quite difficult to explain but I will give it my best shot.

It has to do with YOU and the question most of us ask ourselves, “Do I need to change?”

The answer is YES and NO. Have I confused you?

I guess you have to look at things like this. If what you are doing is working, then keep doing it and don’t change. If what you are doing is not working, then guess what, you need to change…

Remember, where you are today is because of who you are and what you have done. So if you want the future to be different, you have to do different things.

So to add onto my network marketing tip I also want to give you one more little bit of information.

Even though you may need to change, you can still be true to yourself, your strengths and your morals.

I just got this email from one of my team and it really touched me, she realised that it is OK for her to be her… and I love that.

She also realises that she needs to build and develop the skills to become a professional in her business.

So Honor’s clients, team and people she cares about, still get to experience the best of Honor, while at the same time, they get to see her grow into a person of strength and success.

I am so proud of her.

here is what she just sent me, I hope you get something out of it:

Hi James,

I know what my strengths are now!  Thanks for being a great mentor and supportive leader I know now that I had the wrong psychology and was trying to be a salesperson (which I’m not) instead of being honest to myself and loving what I do.  I want to make a difference to peoples lives so I want to thank you for giving me the vehicle to do so.  If there is one thing in life that I enjoy the most its helping other people to aim high and dream big.  With the mindset that I have now I am preparing for success!

God Bless James to you and your family.

Honor Turner

Well done Honor.


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    • James

      thanks Sandy
      change is good although sometimes it is hard to find the good in the change

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