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The New Facebook Timeline For Fan Pages

The new facebook timeline for fan pages is going to have a major impact on businesses using facebook, especially if people just rush in without thinking…

Now the big question everyone is asking at the moment is “do i need to change my facebook fan page/business page setup immediately”.

Now as you may or may not know about me, sometimes, actually most of the time I like to go against the flow a little.

Everyone is going to be telling you to hurry up and get your page ready for the new facebook timeline for business pages, I am going to tell you the opposite and there is a reason.

I have a gut feeling, and that is all it is so don’t take it as gospel, that facebook are going to make more changes to the requirements and the rules surrounding it.

The reason I say this is because it is new and as with anything new, there is no company in history that gets it right the first time.

Facebook would most definitely done their home work, however they have not released it to the masses.

They will be watching comments and gauging the overall feeling of their community preparing to make the changes that they see necessary.

This change to the facebook time line for pages is massive. It is going to impact likes, optins, sales and more.

This means it will affect facebooks revenue, because if businesses can not monetize their pages, then they will leave in their droves and this will impact the bigger players as well.

So my little thoughts are these:

  • Start preparing and writing down ideas on what you can do.
  • Read the experts blog posts and see what they are suggesting.
  • Watch what they are doing on their pages.
  • Look at the big players like “coke” etc and analyse their pages.
  • Keep taking notes.
  • Brain storm your own ideas.
  • Be creative.

This won’t be the last post I write about this change, in fact I know you will be receiving many more. I just felt I needed to help you alleviate some of the concern that comes with change and remove the feeling of “pressure” that comes when everyone is running around like a headless chook not knowing what to do.

Just be calm in this situation and breath.

It will all work out very soon and you will be able to make an informed decision about the direction you need to take.













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