This is not my mother in law, My mother in law is actually a lovely lady, very attractice and single (trying to get brownie points although I am not sure what she will think of the single bit) But I do have to have fun

Talk about frustration – My mother in law just purchased a similar product from someone else…

As I walking out my door today to go to my Hapkido lesson, my wife called out and said: “honey my mother just bought an omega 3 oil from another company…”

Well after a few expletives under my breath, I just smiled and thought about what I just learnt from this experience.

Besides it being a major blow to my ego, I knew there was something I had to learn.

What was it?

Well I guess there are a myriad of things, but for me it all came down to this one thing…education!

That’s right, “education”.

I call it training my prospects and my clients.

I once heard it said “Tell don’t sell”… I like that.

You should always be training your clients and prospects on your business and your products. Making them aware of new products and strategies you are developing.


It is to do with the looking zone. Everyone is always going in and out of the looking zone. They may not be ready to buy at the exact time that you want to sell, so if you have a way to stay in contact with them, you will find that you will be the first person that comes to their mind when the time is right.


I use an auto-responder. It is a simple way to be able segment my emailing list and send relevant information, information that they are actually interested in. eg; I send business information to people interested in business, health info to people interested in health, and weight loss info to people interested in weight loss.

This makes sure that I am only sending out the information that I know they will be interested in looking at.

So back to my mother in law, what is my plan? Well besides not sending her a christmas present, I have decided that when she comes to stay in about 6 weeks time for a short break, I will be sitting down with her and taking her through all the products we have. It should only take about 4 hours, but if she would like to eat and have a bed to sleep in for the 2 weeks she is here, this will be a pre-requisite.

I would love to hear about your experiences. Have you ever had a friend or relative not buy from you but buy an inferior product from someone else? Let us know and tell us your story. This could be a really cool thread.

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    6 replies to "What To Do When Your Mother In Law Buys A Similar Product From Someone Else"

    • Lin

      Nice to know that I have had a good influence on you!!!!!!! I have only bought 1 bottle, so, to ensure that I actually have somewhere to sleep and a nice meal OF COURSE I will spend 4 hours listening to you (Its kind of like those time-share holidays one has, go for 1 week for nix and all you have to do is take time to listen to a speel!!!!!!!!!).
      Well there you go!!!………I only found out that you guys sell high quality fish oil supplements when I told Kasey I had just bought some from another company. I did some research and was very excited about the prospect of the outcome for my health and thought I would let her know about the benefits as well!!! Therein lies the reason for all associates to constantly update friends and family about new products……oh, AND make sure they “listen” to what people are saying about their health because all of us are searching for the answers for long and healthy lives.
      I have only purchased 1 bottle, so when I get to Coffs Harbour to stay with James & Kasey, I am quite sure I will be “presented” with the facts which will switch me over.

      Signed: The Mother-In-Law

    • James

      You know Lin, I think I am going to have to make it 5 hours now 🙂 Looking forward to seeing you. Make sure you bring heaps of presents

    • Robert "Buck" Buchholz

      Hello James,

      Funny Story….

      Here is what I do to keep those around me informed, especially the ones I give Christmas presents to.

      I give them gifts of the products we offer…… I really do.

      Just the same, it is our opportunity and task at hand to continually ask questions so we can uncover others needs and then if we are able, we create the solution to their need.

      Not selling… just finding out how what we have fits those we know and others etc.

      Don’t be to hard on your mom.. at least she was open to hearing how something out there could be used by her to help her with her health.

      I know you may not want to hear this but… it really was your fault she didn’t ask you before she made the purchase….

      You could have ask the following question: Mom do you ever think about your health?

      If so Mom, give me a call, the company I represent is focused on helping people do just that and I may be able to help you directly, so you know who you are dealing with.

      For someone who has been in this business as long as you have you probably know all of the above but…..

      maybe this blog will help others keep focused on the right process to build their business as they help others create their solutions to their needs.

      Ask the right questions enough times, you will find out more, which will help you be the solution maker.

      Be Blessed,


    • James

      Hi Rob
      great to see you again. Nope won’t be too hard on my mother in law, she did allow me to marry her daughter, so she is OK lol.
      You are absolutely correct, it is my responsibility to make sure others, including my mother in law, knows about what I market and why.
      Anyway, when she arrives, she is ready for our little discussion haha.
      Be well Robert

    • Jesse Huber


      Great auto-responder tips…

      I love how you inject a little bit of humor into your post too…

      Keep creating the compelling content friend.


    • James

      Hey Jesse
      thanks heaps and sure will 🙂

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