Facebook Video Calling Could Be The Next Biggest Opportunity For Your Business

Facebook Video CallingNo one could say that facebook sits still and doesn’t have a vision for the future. Facebook is set to launch their next online dominating tool called ‘Facebook Video Calling”.

Facebook Video Calling, in my opinion, is not just going to be another fancy addition or another tool that the facebook community can use. It is going to be one of the most powerful relationship building market dominating resources for network marketers and home business professionals.

Why Do I say facebook video calling will be that powerful?

Well think about it. As people become busier and busier and their lives become fuller, everyone is looking for ways to connect in deeper and more meaningful ways.

Children are further away from their parents and grandparents and friends now live on the other side of the planet but over 600,000,000 people are on facebook, so now it is becoming easier for everyone to connect.

So let’s talk about why Facebook Video Calling is set to totally revolutionise the online network marketer.

(Before we move into that, let me put in a little caveat. This will only work if you are trained correctly and approach your facebook marketing and prospecting strategies with professionalism and “friendship”. Yes this is a skill you will need to learn and develop and being part of a team that can help you and train you puts you leaps and bounds in front of the competition. And even more important is having a network marketing system that covers everything in detail.)

One of the biggest struggles in this industry at the moment is the ability to build relationships with your team, especially if you have use online strategies to build it. Many leaders lament that their people seem to be very fickle, floating from one business to the next. The main reason this is happening is because there is no real relationship or connection established.

The traditional network marketers are having a similar struggle but not because their team can’t get the relationship, they have plenty of that, it is because they can’t get the training on how to use 21st century strategies to build and get results. They are kept in the dark about facebook and how to use social media to get results.

Facebook Video Calling has the potential to change all of that by allowing online marketers to connect and build relationships faster (by allowing their prospects to actually see them without having to attend a meeting or go on skype) and it is going to help the offline guys see a simple way of connecting online.

The problem will be…

Amateurs of spam people. You can expect to see many people, who haven’t gone through the training or used their head when it comes to relationships start calling people out of the blue and saying “Have I got the business for you…”

Remember, people will deal with people they like…so be someone who is prepared to take the long road and build a long term relationship and you will see results.

You can get facebook video calling from: http://www.facebook.com/videocalling

Go ahead and give it a go. It could be the thing that allows you to connect with long lost friends, family (your mum could do with a call 🙂 ) and start to increase your results today…













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