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As a man this is one of the things we generally don’t do very well, however in prospecting, it is something that can really open the doors of conversation and help you connect with your prospect.

Opening up is not about grabbing all of your emotional baggage and laying it on your prospect, it is about honouring them and making them feel good.

Most of the time all we want to do is spend our time talking about ourselves and getting the other person to tell us how good WE are… what do you think happens when you tell someone else how good you think THEY are… If you have not gone through our other training on prospecting, then check it out after you watch this video…

One of the keys to learning how to prospect like a professional is building relationships and there is nothing like edifying someone else to build that relationship.

You can learn all of the online strategies you want, however if you don’t build friendships you won’t get anywhere…

So watch the video below and you get more insights into the prospecting like a professional. I am giving you some of my best bits of training here, so I hope you enjoy them 🙂










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