How To Build Your Network Marketing Business Using Both Online And Offline Strategies.

What should you use, Online or Offline Marketing Strategies? So many are asking this question along with the obvious how to build your network marketing business.

It would seem that one of the biggest concerns that a lot of people still have about their network marketing businesses is what direction should they go with their marketing. Should they use online or offline strategies to build their network marketing business. 

We need to address this right now because it is an important question to answer and it causes many people to stumble or even worse…stop. They get so confused by what they should or should not do with their business, most people are new to the industry and they are looking for someone, anyone to tell them how to build your network marketing business and by the mixed messages that are being given in the market place many feel it is better just to throw their hands up in the air and quit rather than try to get down to the truth of what really works and how it really should be done.

So today, let’s do that, let’s answer the question how to build your network marketing business and lets talk about what really works in network marketing and/or MLM and how you can go about making it work better for you, let’s also get rid of some of the weird and wonderful miss representations that have been aired by many “so called” gurus who have never really built a true MLM business, in fact all they have done is fuel fear and build a list of names of people who are with them but never do anything because they were never shown the correct way.

First when you are asking how to build your network marketing business, understand it is not either/or when it comes to building your business and using online and offline strategies. You see I use both. I talk to people I know and people I don’t know and in my mind it doesn’t matter where they come from, what matters is what I do with them and how I get them started.

I know for many people this may sound different to what they expect from me, they see me writing on my blog, Facebook and holding webinars, so all they think is I use online strategies, (in fact within my company, it is a HUGE belief that James is the online guy. I used to get so annoyed at that, but now I just laugh and let everyone just think it) they couldn’t be further from the truth. Offline strategies built my business and are still the number one thing we do, however we have learnt that by combining online components like; Facebook, websites, autoresponders & webinars, we have been able to enhance our results and generate more leads and get through the numbers a lot quicker, not to mention, that with auto responders we are able to stay connected with our list easier and keep them up to date. In my mind, in todays high paced environment, all of these things have opened new doors for building your businesses faster and answer the question how to build your network marketing business, easier.

I remember when I was first starting out, I would watch some of the people in our team who were more computer savvy than me sending emails and getting on the internet (please understand these were really only just starting when I first got started) and I used to judge them and tell them there is no way you could use that to build your business, you needed to be on the phone or belly to belly and face to face.

Like many leaders within the industry, my mind was closed and there was only one way how to build your network marketing business and it was MY way or the highway and it was all offline.

Then about 7 years later, I found myself deep in the cyber and technology world seeing the fruit of what could happen by incorporating this into what you do.

Does this mean that online is for everyone? NOOOOOO

You see there are still many many people who do not and can not use technology, for one reason or another, they look at it and immediately feel overwhelmed, it all seems too hard, so when, not if, you get these people in your team you had better make sure you have a  system that will train and teach them on the best things they can do for their business using things they feel good and comfortable using or they won’t stay and will leave with a bad taste in their mouth about you, your business and this industry.

So the answer to whether you should use online or offline marketing strategies to build your business is you should use BOTH if you can but OFFLINE at the very least…

That is right, it is MORE important to have a foundation in offline marketing components than online, because offline things ANYONE can do.

The number 1 thing people need to learn is “people skills”, when they learn these, they can do anything.

I wrote an article on cold market prospecting that you may find helpful, head over there and check it out!

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